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The Sims 3: Rolling in the [insert pun relating to slowness here that Richard will surely think of]

So hey, I have some screencaps from way back in... August, I think? Let's take a look and see what I can still remember of this. I do remember that I was kind of sick of all the vampires and stuff so I started over and relocated everyone in a more suburban neighbourhood.

... I also remember seeing this and considering it the only appropriate living space for Franziska and Adrian.

And this spacious mansion? All for Shelly alone, of course.

ADDED FACTOR OF INCREDIBLE SADNESS: the house comes with a kids' room.

And directly in front, the Ticking Bomb (or, alternatively, Show Business is Fucking Terrifying) family: Matt Engarde, Juan Corrida and Dee Vasquez.

I still had my made-on-a-whim young!Shelly, though. And, uh... so... I made him a mentor. And now they're there. Thrilling commentary.

No good hair for your Sims? THROW A HAT ON THEM.

I made them as father and son. óuò

Yup, that's sure going to be a ruthless killer in a few years!

But enough of that, I know what most of you are here for.


Also, this is a thing now, except it's dumber than it was in TS2 because it's basically an incentive to spam your Facebook wall with advertisements for EA's amazing products.

To the unaware, that's a children's book.

... Well, shit, why not?


They are trying to dance. Trying.

Sometimes, my characters try to guilt me into paying attention to them, I'm pretty sure. There's Cool Fedora Guy in the background, leering at me. (He totally is, shut up.)

Well, damn.

Well, damn.

Let it not be said that I don't make my Sims happy sometimes.

Then I started thinking. I could not bear the soul-crippling horribleness of having Shelly live alone in a huge mansion.

So I made him a friend. A character from a completely different source; another well-mannered man I have found myself enamoured with.

This is Doc Scratch, and he is a Homestuck (albeit not one of the zodiac dudes). As soon as I can, I am actually going to give him some hair, because I have since been convinced that he can look in-character even when his head is not a perfect featureless sphere.

So hey, here's Shelly up to his usualy lonely business when SUDDENLY, A STRANGER AT HIS DINNER TABLE.

"Let me tell you..."

"... about..."

"... Hoooommmmmmmme


These memory things are pretty useless. 8|

I had a gut feeling about this.

And indeed, the man was talking to a schoolgirl on the Internet. This is completely in-character.

ADDED FACTOR OF INCREDIBLE CREEPINESS: there is still that unoccupied kids' room upstairs.

In a not-so-IC-unless-shenanigans moment, dude burned his food.

I think Shelly might come to hate him. I am perfectly happy with this.

Looks like he isn't, though!

For reference, here are Scratch's traits; I don't think I could have done better, since "snob" is the closest thing this game has to "ego the size of two universes".

In his room, Shelly has sweet dreams of making CLEARLY NOT ALCOHOLIC DRINKS for all the young people at nightly hangouts, and Scratch, in his room--

This makes my admittedly limited sense of aesthetics cry, but I'll be damned if he doesn't feel like he's right at home.

This neighbourhood has a crazy hobo, I... think?

New savefile, new-- nope, Juan's life is still miserable.

... And this is the last picture I have, for some reason.

Now! Last night, motivated by a pure desire to entertain myself and others (certainly not because I was lacking the motivation to draw or anything, ha ha), I decided to fire up the game again. Alas, before I could play, I had to do the old patch-and-update dance.

Long story short, I fucked up and corrupted my Ambitions files, so I just spent the past two hours uninstalling and reinstalling the game. But this time, I'll have Pets, goddammit.

The efforts I go to in order to play a game I invariably end up complaining about are ridiculous and I'm sure they must qualify as a mental disease in some country.

Because someone's gotta

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