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Naem ([personal profile] mistytpednaem) wrote2012-01-06 06:21 pm
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Just a heads-up:

The RPs I'm in have decided to move to Dreamwidth, and since that was the main thing I used LJ for... I shall be posting on DW by default from now on. óuò I hope no one has a problem with this. My username there is the same as in LJ, and I'll be crossposting! Just please forgive me if you comment over on the LJ side and I take a little while to get back to you, ffff.

Anything else?

... Hmm. Just the usual. Pretty much as I mentioned here.

Though I guess I'm not quite back in the very bottom of the dumps since, earlier, my fleeting thought of "My life isn't going anywhere" was immediately followed by "Claudia no you can't say that on a social network your uncle's going to be worried sick."

... And I just realised that's some weird damn logic there?


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