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Naem ([personal profile] mistytpednaem) wrote2012-03-10 10:36 am
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Oh. Er.

I'm sure it's still yesterday somewhere.

So. Hi! I have managed to pass all my first semester subjects with decent grades (I am classifying a 12 on German as "decent" for now because holy shit German), assuming my as-of-yet-unknown Computer Resources score isn't unexpectedly miserable. I think I've sort of been making friends too, maybe...? Slowly...? I... still can't talk to a couple of guys as much as I'd like to, which is par for the course for me (bleh). On the other hand, I've met a Harry Potter fan and, at one point, our mid-class chatter somehow evolved into shipping talk, which was sort of surprising for the two of us. And that's something. It was pretty surreal for me. 8|;;

What I am very much dissatisfied with is my shameful inability to stay in contact with some of my high school teachers. I loved them, and I'm fairly sure they'd like to hear about me, but I just... can't talk to them.

Well, I did manage to send a text message to my History teacher, last Christmas.

She replied the next day.

Then I replied a week later.

Then she replied back.

Then I never did. *headdesk*

But it's still... progress, I guess...?

I dunno, I really think my mood and mental state peaked on the Summer of 2010 - look how productive I was back then! -, stayed that way for some months and has been fluctuating since then, probably having hit some sort of rock bottom around the latter half of last year. I produce a lot of sketches still, but finished pictures are scarce, and as far as non-RP writing goes... I wrote ~1100 words of a stupid self-indulgent AA/HS crossover back in November, didn't quite finish it, and haven't touched the thing ever since the middle of that month.

Even when I'm in one of my best moods - which is when I manage not to listen to my stubborn beliefs that I am a stupid, hopeless and inept human being - thinking about my lack of productivity gets me down.

... Oh God help I don't know how to end this on a positive note. SO WHERE'S EVERYONE BEEN?

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