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Naem ([personal profile] mistytpednaem) wrote2012-03-24 10:47 pm
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Update? UPDATE

Hey guys! First of all, I finished a picture that I should have finished, at the very latest, back when the month started:

55 - Shelly de Killer by ~MistytpedNaem on deviantART

AND SECONDLY I'm lazy sooo uh I'll just repeat what I said on my Tumblr:

With me having received around half of my scholarship money so far (and paid the goddamn tuition fee at last) + some more money I had saved up from the small fund I got from school last year + Easter + my birthday rapidly approaching, I was able to get an iPod Touch!
And it is pretty neat and I thought I should tell you guys.
And one day I will pay for Ghost Trick and hope that, with my money, Shu Takumi feels all my love.

But this is not that day.

yeah that’s it


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