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Naem ([personal profile] mistytpednaem) wrote2012-06-15 11:03 pm
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oh uh

Is anybody there?

Hello! I'm not quite done with my school year yet - in fact, I have an English oral and a test (on Translation Studies) left, and I'm pretty sure I'll fail the latter, so, uh. Look forward to my miserable wailing on that!

In ~*~mental health news~*~: remember how I had to be relocated to another hospital because I turned 18 and such? I have learned that my old hospital has indeed sent out a letter to a more appropriate place!

The letter was sent two days ago.

At this rate, I'll only see a psychiatrist again in, hell, two years or so, but that's something! :V (In somewhat more interesting news: I got to keep a copy of the letter, and it speaks of my psychological test results and various things in more detail than my doctor ever cared to explain to me! I might try to translate it once I'm done with awful university stuff.)

(Speaking of stuff I need to do when I'm done with awful university stuff, holy crap I have a lot of doodles to scan.)

(Also, a thing I should probably try to do before I'm done with awful university stuff: tell this guy "hey, um, I think you're pretty great in a possibly romantic way and I was wondering if you might possibly reciprocate that but if not it's okay I'll totally back off."

Oh man I'll never be able to do that.)


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