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2014-01-25 07:55 pm

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Just as a heads-up, I took many, many screencaps yesterday, but the post isn't done yet and I don't think I'll be working on it during the weekend so uhhh DO NOT EXPECT PART 4 BEFORE MONDAY SORRY...

I swear I haven't slowed down just because Shelly left, ok

Rather, the production values are going up :T

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2014-01-23 11:45 am

Turnabout Target, Part 2: The Most Important Thing

And so we begin investigating the right side! Also let me comment on this later.

Really, what is ANY job without honour? )
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2014-01-22 04:14 pm
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Turnabout Target, Part 1: That's the power of logic? I guess?

Remember when I did a really barebones collection of commentated screencaps for 1-5 and 2-4 with an obvious bias towards certain characters in each case? I decided to do the same for the first case in Ace Attorney Investigations 2, because I'm fucking terrible. (If you didn't know, the translation patch for the first two cases has been out for a while! They're making good progress on the rest of the game too, from what I hear.)

This will be a little more thorough than what I did for 1-5 and 2-4, since, you know, it's for a game with no official English release. It's still not a full Let's Play, though. Mostly because I'd feel bad doing that when the translation isn't even finished, haha. It's just a thing that I'm doing for fun and self-indulgence and. WELL. YOU KNOW.


Let's begin, shall we?

waugh I'm sorry the pictures that aren't at x2 resolution look a little shittier than they should. SHOULD I JUST GO BACK TO THE NATIVE RESOLUTION NEXT TIME, PLEASE GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK HERE )

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2012-08-16 09:08 pm

Oh, hello.

Allow me to share this moment of magic that just happened:

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2012-06-15 11:03 pm
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oh uh

Is anybody there?

HELLO (LO, LO, LO, lo, lo...) )
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2012-03-24 10:47 pm
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Update? UPDATE

Hey guys! First of all, I finished a picture that I should have finished, at the very latest, back when the month started:

55 - Shelly de Killer by ~MistytpedNaem on deviantART

AND SECONDLY I'm lazy sooo uh I'll just repeat what I said on my Tumblr:

With me having received around half of my scholarship money so far (and paid the goddamn tuition fee at last) + some more money I had saved up from the small fund I got from school last year + Easter + my birthday rapidly approaching, I was able to get an iPod Touch!
And it is pretty neat and I thought I should tell you guys.
And one day I will pay for Ghost Trick and hope that, with my money, Shu Takumi feels all my love.

But this is not that day.

yeah that’s it


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2012-03-10 10:36 am
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Oh. Er.

I'm sure it's still yesterday somewhere.

Read more... )

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2012-03-08 10:56 pm
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Hey guys!

I wanted to post something today, but since I'm already too sleepy to write anything decent, I just want to say there'll be a coherent, longish and hooopefully positive post here tomorrow.

Man, I miss some of you guys. :(
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2012-01-21 06:33 pm
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They've granted me a scholarship! It sounds like I don't need to be so worried about certain... things anymore. At least not for a year or two.

Now I just want to know my grades for the first semester, sob. ;; And I still have one exam left to do...
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2012-01-06 06:21 pm
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Just a heads-up:

The RPs I'm in have decided to move to Dreamwidth, and since that was the main thing I used LJ for... I shall be posting on DW by default from now on. óuò I hope no one has a problem with this. My username there is the same as in LJ, and I'll be crossposting! Just please forgive me if you comment over on the LJ side and I take a little while to get back to you, ffff.

Anything else?

... Hmm. Just the usual. Pretty much as I mentioned here.

Though I guess I'm not quite back in the very bottom of the dumps since, earlier, my fleeting thought of "My life isn't going anywhere" was immediately followed by "Claudia no you can't say that on a social network your uncle's going to be worried sick."

... And I just realised that's some weird damn logic there?


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2012-01-01 04:59 pm

Happy new year, everyone!

I don't have much to say other than... hey, I scanned some more holiday doodles. And it now strikes me that... maybe I should start using fandom tags... 8|;;

I'll give you three guesses as to why. )SO YEAH THESE POSTS JUST keep getting less and less interesting. ;;

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2011-12-29 11:19 am
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Well, this is embarrassing.

Look it's a silly quiz )


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2011-12-24 02:29 pm



so little ace attorney ;;

As always, click the thumbnails for fullsize. )
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2011-12-21 07:51 pm

(no subject)

Oh, hey, so LJ is kind of terrible.

Since DW accounts are free this week, I'm backing up my journals - I'm already importing this one under the same username.

We'll see where this goes from here, I guess!
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2011-11-25 11:00 am
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The Sims 3: Rolling in the [insert pun relating to slowness here that Richard will surely think of]

So hey, I have some screencaps from way back in... August, I think? Let's take a look and see what I can still remember of this. I do remember that I was kind of sick of all the vampires and stuff so I started over and relocated everyone in a more suburban neighbourhood.

I made a Scrooge Sim once. Maybe I should try again. )
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2011-11-16 08:49 pm
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(no subject)

... So why don't AA fans call themselves Ace Attorneys?

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2011-11-10 05:33 pm

How to best describe what's actually been going on in my life now?

Cláudia Sidesteps Issues While Fully Aware Of How That Is A Thing That Should Not Be Done, Jokes About It To Pretend She's Cool, end quote.

But who cares? I just scanned a whole month's worth of doodles, holy fuck!

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2011-10-07 11:25 pm

(no subject)

I was going to make a post about how I'm having some trouble with fitting in at University, and about being nearly done with the bust requests, and about having bought a new sketchbook to keep things tidy.

But then I found out an old friend's mother has passed away.

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2011-09-27 10:37 pm
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Whoopsie, this post is copied straght from Tumblr. ;; University things, ffff.



  • Holy shit, my English teacher is beautiful and his name is beautiful and his accent is beautiful and I’M JUST EXCITED TO HAVE A TEACHER WHO IS ACTUALLY ENGLISH.
  • I switched to German. Whole new language, aaaaaa.
  • I get an excuse to read Brave New World? Fuck yes.


  • I have to get how many books?
  • (This will make a little more sense if you know about praxes, I guess) Look, um, guys. I appreciate the fact that you’re going easy on us, and I understand that the goal is to socialise among ourselves, but… is it truly necessary to berate us for it? Some people have an easy time meeting others and talking to them. I am not one of those people.
  • … I
  • I lost my coat
  • I seriously lost my fucking coat
  • what am I, 5 years old