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May. 29th, 2011 11:08 pm
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Young!Shelly. Motivated by angst and shit. Warning for violence.


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It's probably a bad sign that this page made me go "Ooh", right?

(Fair warning: it's about bloodstain pattern analysis, and it contains plenty of photos of, you know, blood. So yes.)

I'll write something about the 3DS tomorrow. I just got Nintendogs and sdgfdh I want to unlock Pomeranians and Miniature Schnauzers aaaaaaaaa
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I'm pretty sure I'll dislike this post by tomorrow morning, but right now, it's striking me as... just delightfully bizarre.
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Title: Paint It Black
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Spoilers: None
Characters: Shelly de Killer
Genre: Angst/oh dear God why
Summary: Death is as easy – or as complicated – as you make it.
Warnings/Rating: There is not a single tinge of humour in here; on the contrary. ;_; The fic pretty much revolves around the death of a loved one, so you may not want to read this.
Notes: Un-betaed drabble; blatantly self-indulgent. A few months ago, I had this really depressing idea. Then I tried to write it. I’m honestly not sure why, or even if I did a good job. Also, I still suck with titles, so thanks, Rolling Stones!

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I just saw a few spoilers on the first case of AAI2 because a) I'm an impatient moron like that; b) Court Records posters are way too good at tempting people.

I'm just going to share one thing that shouldn't be much of a spoiler.

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Oh, hey, look. It's a new layout. How does it look?

Also, StumbleUpon just happened to drop me here. StumbleUpon likes to laugh at me, clearly.

What reveals more about me? The fact that I looked at the first thing on the list and thought "Yep, that's what I do" (same goes for 11, actually), or the fact that 10 immediately reminded me of Shelly?
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Shelly de Killer's real name was Charles O'Sexington )