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And now, for something completely different (AKA: one of those epiphanies I have every once in a while that no one cares about):

Bluh bluh words about hair )

EDIT: oh my god
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So here is that post, as promised.

On Shelly and... friendship? )

My apologies if this is hardly coherent, I might be coming down with something.
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Right here, in fact. Apparently that unnamed man from the cover is a defence attorney? And he knows Edgeworth somehow? OH WELL, CHECK OUT WIZARDKID'S VOICE.

And hey, you know those people who feel compelled to attentively analyse ANY kind of footage that flashes rapidly by in a video by pausing it every other microsecond? Pretty sad, huh?

I'm one of those people. Really, I wasn't even going to share this, but then I saw a ridiculously-looking man with an afro flash by and I did a double-take and I was right and I was like MUST GET SCREENSHOTS. Mistytped Naem: doing sad, sad things every day so that you don't have to.

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[livejournal.com profile] sushizuzoru once told me it felt nice to see people talking about Lana having been an awesome detective. I second her feelings here, except, you know, this time it's Shelly being awesome.

... T-That said, it's also the part that always makes me doubt my portrayal of Shelly.

Radio killed the video star. SEE WHAT I DID THERE? )
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I have nothing witty to say up here other thannnn I'm afraid I might be getting a little too clingy with some of you, ffffff.

WARNING: this segment might be offensive to you if you happen to be close to any individuals who have stitches/are made of leather )
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Good God, this is a big one for an investigation segment. Then again... I guess we can see why.

I think my inner Juan is a little angry right now... )
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I-I don't get how my moods work either.


DID THEY SEND ME DAUGHTERS / WHEN I ASKED Fno wait butlers are fine. )
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But fear not, for I have fluff to link you to at the end of this post.

One more thing: after... some of the stuff I say here about Adrian, I briefly considered making a separate, f-locked post elaborating on exactly why she makes me feel the way she does, but I decided not to (at least for now), because it would just be a huge pile of whine.

Easy come, easy go, will you let me go? (okay to be honest the song only started playing when I was nearly done with the post) )
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Alrighty, before we begin: this is going to be a short one, it's pretty much just cross-examining Oldbag. I decided to cut it short instead of risking running it too long, because Adrian is coming next and, well, we know I can get a bit wordy about her...

So, to make up for it, I tried my hand at the drabble meme! Sadly, uh, it only took me four of them to run out of creative juice, and the last two were severely lacking in quality. Still, here they go, if you want to read them for some reason. If not, just listen to the music I'm linking you to. If you don't like it, then pelt me with rotten tomatoes or something.

You might not want to read these, really )

I wonder if Juan's bandana really WAS banana-scented. )
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Two things before I begin! No, wait, three things.

1. My apologies for this not being up sooner, my ISP had technical problems last night and my Internet is still a bit wonky even now.*
2. I apparently haven't posted this here yet, so... Lookie here, it's a dork who needs to stop being so fun to mess with. He's probably trying not to stare directly into some cleavage.
3. I-I have to ask, is everyone okay? ;;; I-I WORRY TOO MUCH.

(*): Jesus Christ it seriously went down again just a minute after I typed that

Warning: might make you wibble uncontrollably. )
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So, as I said right in my first 1-5 post, these screenshots are actually all from before I started my replay of THAT, and so are the notes. Let's see if they're coherent enough for me to piece together what I was thinking last week when I did this. Also, uh, I love everyone in this case. In fact, it's one of my absolute favourites, right up there with 3-5. This will hopefully be entertaining! Well then, let's do this.

I am intellectually attracted to this case. )
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GOD, YOU GUYS, I DID NOT REMEMBER THIS CASE ENDED WITH THREE TRIAL SEGMENTS IN A ROW SO I DID THEM ALL IN ONE POST (warning: I reeeaally start losing coherence by the end of it. It's like a documentation of my emotional and mental descent while playing this).

Scrollin', scrollin', scroolin', keep those mouses scrollin' )
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Man, yesterday sure was a waste of a day and what the hell why is it 4 PM already

For full effect, listen to "Swimming, Anyone?" while you read this. If you want. )
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Oh, what a wonderful day. Meekins, interesting game mechanics and plot development. What more could I ask for?

Might leave you with a craving for fluff after consumption. )
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... Apparently I was really into Angel today, there's a whole lot of shots of her. Go figure.

If Ema Skye were a guy, I could have something pretty witty here )
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I couldn't reply to everyone's comments yesterday, so here, have my collective love~

El Ganto Strikes Again )
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... Huh, I was not planning to have this music playing at all, but it works! Before we begin, a few notes:
  • Yesterday, just before I got the final vote to start with 1-5... I, uh, started playing 2-4. Then I saw two of you went ahead and said you wanted 1-5 first. And I'm a girl of my word, so here's 1-5 first! We'll just get some assassin goodness later~
  • As I said, I'm doing this for RP related reasons... meaning I'll be focusing on Gant and Shelly while I do this. But I'm a geek and I love analysing characters in general, so expect to see my thoughts on just about everyone!
  • While I ended up taking less screenshots of 1-5 than 2-4 to start with, I got bored with this case the earliest, either due to a lack of Gant or because paracetamol makes me drowsy and I never noticed before. Oh well, who cares? Let's get this started.
I am intellectually attracted to most of you, by the way. Just so you know. )
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I swear I would have loved to do productive things today, such as drawing Adrian in a tuxedo my God I really want to draw that unf messing around in The Sims 3, but I was prompted to write about Shelly in a meme. See, it's not my fault, people enable me! This meme was about characters' shadows: physical representations of all the things they don't want to admit about themselves. Or something. I-I don't know much about Persona... But I decided to show you what I wrote just because it provides some insight into my headcanon for Shelly, which some of you really seem to care about for some reason. Just don't expect to read a masterpiece. ;;; I'll transcribe what I wrote here for your convenience.

This is what I get when I mash the keyboard at random )

... D-Don't look at me like that, I warned you it wouldn't be very good.

Just yesterday, [info]sushizuzoru  and I were discussing assassin!Adrian; she mentioned she felt bad for being in love with a bitter, twisted assassin, I cried along with her because I'm in love with the man who taught her to be an assassin.

I'm one of those people who always need to find a justification for everything, you know? And I'm utterly convinced that the only reason Shelly seems to know so well how Adrian feels is because he's been there too.
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Sooo, a few days ago I said I'd be willing to tl;dr about Shelly again. Since I'm not one to break my promises, uh, this is what this post is for. Yeah. I still feel really pathetic doing this.

On a vaguely related note, I'd be the worst assassin ever because I feel remorse just from making an anonymous person feel bad on the Internet (and also because I keep dropping anon at the worst times).

I had more questions asked this time! However, I forgot like half of them, so I'll just talk about things as I remember them.

Monocles, desert islands, hobbies, dreams and ~*~LOVE~*~ )

And that's the end of this post that is severely lacking in eloquence. Man, I'm so bad at expressing myself. And good God, I can't believe I wrote this much. WHAT IS MY LIIIIIFE?
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Name a character and I will tell you:
a) ten headcanon facts about them
b) why I like them
c) who I ship them with

... This is totally a form of tl;dring, okay? It doesn't have to be a character I play, they can be just from canons I like. :B


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